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My siblings have five kids each. I have five cats.


The senior member of the feline household is Agnes, the Cheese Thief. She has cancer but is doing unexpectedly well on her meds. When we got the diagnosis, I started giving her tidbits off the dinner table. Six months later… you guessed it. She sits next to me at the table and touches my arm until I surrender the cheesy comestibles.


Did someone say “Gruyère”?


This is a stickup. Hand over the cheese, lady!


Now hand over some more.


Cheese + Oriental rug = Happy Dance!

And then there’s Sammy the Diva, AKA Jerome or J-Ro. He’s always ready for his closeup.


My very own limo! You shouldn’t have! But where’s the champagne and shrimp treats???

When Aggie and Sammy first met, she wanted to kick his darling wee arse. But now? BFF’s!


Winners of the 2014 synchronized sleeping contest.

Vivian is the quiet, gentle one. She really would rather be an Onlycat. But she spent two years in a shelter cage, so she loves having a forever home.


I could really go for some Hawaiian Gold catnip right about now.


I’m double jointed!

The two youngest are Winnie and Aubrey. They arrived last February, also from the shelter. For months Winnie was terrified of everyone and everything. Aubrey was less traumatized and more outgoing. Both are doing fine now!


We do not wish to be disturbed. That is all. You may go now.

Winnie’s still a little suspicious of sudden movements and camera flashes. 


Bad Mans! All bad! Except that guy who feeds me! And Ciarán Hinds!

When I was a girl, I dreamed of having a big house full of cats. How lovely that my dream has come true.