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The following works are serialized on this site; see the sidebar navigation for each story.

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Henrietta Hilliard, phonetics teacher and noted suffragette, spends her days in London’s markets, researching minute variations in the locals’ speech.

When Edgar Dooley, an unkempt costermonger from Covent Garden, asks her for lessons in “how to talk posh,” she confidently bets that she can pass him off as a Duke at the Embassy Ball. The results of the ambitious experiment will surprise them both. Set in 1900, this tribute to George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” adds gender reversal to his witty exploration of class difference.



Isn’t it time someone looked at Irish saga from the women’s point of view?

In the time of Christ, in the still-pagan land of Éire, there lived a hero named Cúchulainn, known to the warriors of Ulster as the Hound of Culann. Like Achilles, he was fated to die young, yet his glorious deeds would resound through history. This is the story of the women in his life: his mother Deichtire, his teacher Scáthach, Aoife who bore his son, his wife Emer, his sworn enemy Medb, his mistress Fand, and one other who knew and loved him well. This is also the story of Tabitha Hill, a modern woman who unexpectedly finds a hero of the Iron Age invading her dreams… and changing her life.

Based on the original Irish sagas about the life and deeds of Cúchulainn.



With the help of a new circle of friends who call themselves the Libertine Belles, history professor Ellen Bartlett discovers a brave new world of sexual opportunity. But when the Belles learn that a sexual predator lurks among their manly playmates, they court danger by conducting their own investigation. Much to Ellen’s horror, she finds herself falling hard for one of the prime suspects.

Ellen’s daughter Amber knows it’s time to get serious about choosing a career. Her new internship, her studies, and her job leave no time for a real boyfriend, only the occasional hot encounter with guys she barely knows. Then a class project leads Amber to correspond with Amator, a mysterious guru of the Art of Seduction, whose methods are less than politically correct. As Amber falls under Amator’s spell, she and her friends discover that the sexual politics of life at Parnell State University are more complicated, and dangerous, than they ever imagined.



Art historian Cynthia Gooden is organizing a museum exhibition on ancient perfumes. When she meets devastatingly handsome perfume designer Peter Noel, he seems a perfect choice for the show’s advisory board. What she doesn’t realize is that Peter’s been sent on a secret mission… to break her heart.





IT AIN’T D. H. LAWRENCE, BUT IT’S WOMEN IN LOVE. Lynn is a Shakespeare scholar, Jennet is a papyrologist, and Andy is an art historian. Each meets an annoying, exasperating, impossible man. Even if he’s undeniably sexy, each woman knows better than to fall for him. Doesn’t she?

The Voynich Affair: Lynn Melton, Chair of the English department, has a longtime interest in a bizarre, undeciphered Renaissance manuscript. When she travels to France for a symposium, she discovers that the manuscript, and one very argumentative man who studies it, share an exotic mystery.
Sword Dance: Jennet Thorne meets the man of her dreams in Milton scholar and competitive fencer Jonathan Sebelius. There’s only one problem. He’s notorious across campus as a misogynist who wants nothing to do with women. But when he asks her to evaluate a mysterious Greek papyrus he has inherited, sparks begin to fly.
Apollo’s Fire: Andy married her professor, a man thirty years older than she, and as a widow she struggles with panic attacks and bittersweet memories. When old flame Max Desmond shows up to challenge her over an ancient Greek sculpture of Apollo in her collection, she’s outraged. But twenty years later, Max is just as sexy as she remembers…

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