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Great characters of history and literature are like jazz standards. They can be newly interpreted for each generation. But when I heard that George Clooney was going to play Caesar, I thought, “He has some big sandals to fill.” It was like Michael Bublé singing Fly Me To the Moon.

George takes a firm grip on his sword.

Fortunately, the film in question is a comedy by the Coen Brothers, titled Hail Caesar. It’s set on a back lot of a studio in the golden age of Hollywood. That explains Clooney’s risible Caesar costume. It’s a knockoff of Marlon Brando’s getup in Julius Caesar (1953). The Romans would have been incredulous at this “armor.”

Brando’s costume as Antony in “Julius Caesar”

A comic Caesar, especially one by the Coen Brothers, is something to look forward to. In the meantime, here’s the Frank Sinatra of Julius Caesars, from HBO’s Rome. It just doesn’t get any better than Ciarán Hinds.


The Chairman of the Board

aROME 1.12 (43)

“My Kind of Town”


“Luck Be A Lady”


“Somebody Loves Me”

ROME 1.10 (36)

“It Was A Very Good Year”

ROME 1.8 (70)

“Yessir, That’s My Baby”


“Love and Marriage”


“The Lady Is A Tramp”


“My Way”

And Happy 99th Birthday in memory of Frank Sinatra who was born Dec. 12, 1915!