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I have had this photograph by Clayton Cubitt on my desktop for months now. Every so often I expand the thumbnail and admire it. There’s so much to see. I mean, besides the feline testicles.


From Cubitt’s Tumbler site. Click to visit it. He writes: “The Die Antwoord $o$ cat had giant balls and earned $400 an hour.”

“Die Antwoord” is a South African rave/rap music group. Apparently this is their cat. But look at the photograph: the elaborately carved ebony chair, the provocative textural contrast with the delicate pink feathers on the toy, and the cat itself, like some otherworldly creature. Its right front leg looks shockingly like a human shoulder and arm–until your eye reaches the alien “hand” with its webbing and claws. Who knew what a cat’s paw really looks like when it goes for the kill?


Another Sphynx portrait. I assume this is the same animal, but it looks quite different here. The curve of the tail is priceless. Click for source.

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