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Kudos to Columbia Valley producer Barnard & Griffin for making this delicious, inexpensive Chardonnay. I have written before about their rosé, which was also a winner.


Barnard & Griffin Chardonnay 2011

Even straight from the fridge, this wine smelled and tasted great. It’s a light-bodied Chardonnay with a subtle touch of oak. But only after it loses its chill does the real quality reveal itself, with flavors of banana and subtle fennel.

I also tasted the Fumé Blanc, which is simply a California term for Sauvignon Blanc, coined by Robert Mondavi. It too is very enjoyable–crisp, refreshing, and flavorful, with the citrus notes one expects in a Sauv Blanc.


Barnard & Griffin Fumé Blanc 2012

These wines are excellent value for the money (they hover around $12-$13), and inspired me to look for more Washington vintners. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good white wine to bring to a holiday party.