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I have been keeping track of my lunches over the past week or two, and I discovered that although there is a certain sameness day after day, there is also change and variety. It is what the Greeks called rhythmos, a satisfying and orderly variation, as in music.

Lunch 1: This is the first one I recorded. There are green grapes, bread-and-butter pickles, two Pepperidge Farm cookies, and two kinds of cheese.


Lunch 2: Now I have green grapes, but I also found some organic strawberries, the only kind I will eat. There are two Pepperidge Farm cookies, but they are Chessmen. Two kinds of cheese, but one is habanero cheddar and one is regular old white cheddar. The final touch is dried Mandarin oranges from Costco. These are amazingly tasty, and their perfume is irresistible.


Lunch 3: Pretty much the same meal, except that the cookies are gone. With riches like these, who needs cookies? Besides, I only really like homemade ones–made by me.


Lunch 4: The same, but with walnuts instead of the oranges, and a new cheese, something tangy and parmesan-like.


Lunch 5: A new theme enters. I have taken all the grapes off the stems and served them to myself in a little bowl. I also have a hard-boiled egg (from a happy chicken) sprinkled with Hawaiian red salt, and a few slices of mild gouda to complement my hot habanero cheddar.


Lunch 6: Clearly, my life is just a bowl of grapes! I ran out of organic strawberries after Lunch 4, but was able to find more. Sometimes I sprinkle them with sugar, but they don’t really need it. My tea is Twinings English Breakfast. Notice the little Agnes photobomb in the lower left corner! She’s my cheese thief and always hoping for a little something.


May there be many more lunches like these.