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My diastolic blood pressure is a little high, and it’s probably from the extra jolt of salt I’m getting on a daily basis. Yes, dear reader, I go about the workday with a smile on my face, because Ultimate Satisfaction is waiting for me at home. Typically I pour myself a glass of wine (not whine) and measure out a helping of Kettle brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips for two. No, I don’t eat both servings. I merely lead the Long-Suffering Husband into temptation.


You’ll note that the bag advertises itself as the “sharing size.” Which encourages us to play nice rather than reverting to the greedhead mantra “get your own.” Now, I’ve always been picky about potato chips (or “crisps” as I believe they are called across the pond). The same goes for other calorie-dense foods. If I’m going to eat the stuff, it has to be worth the metabolic investment.


They’re BAD for you!

Previously, my favorite potato chip was the mass-market brand Ruffles (yes, those ridges really do increase Milady’s pleasure). Every New Year’s Eve it has been our custom to indulge in an evening meal of Ruffles, sour cream onion dip, crudités, and a good bottle of Champagne. In fact, we used to consume potato chips about once a year. Then I tasted these Krinkle chips and fell in love. The once-a-year ritual became an almost daily nosh. I won’t even look at a bag of Ruffles now, and the temporary disappearance of Krinkles from the grocery store caused me serious panic.

I must have the Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper flavor. None of the other flavors rings my bell. I never knew a potato chip could affect me like this, and I was sure my devotion would be eternal… until I tasted Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Salt and Pepper chips…