We bought our house with little hope that the wisteria covering the pergola would ever bloom, since the back yard is quite shady. But one never knows what the future may bring. To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this.

Closeup of wisteria blossoms. They are lovely!

Every spring brings some new discoveries in our large, rather overgrown yard, and the return of some old friends.

Dame’s rocket is a “weed” but a welcome one in my backyard.

We have a tiny patch of wild Spring Beauties, more rare and delicate than snowdrops. They arrive later than snowdrops, and of their own accord.

The moss (my favorite, naturally), has become lush with the spring rains.

Lichen, moss and stone combine to create a natural work of art.

High winds in March brought down this big tree, but the space beyond seems to have been colonized by a white variety of bluebells (hyacinthoides). I can’t get back there to take a good photo because it’s very swampy.

The other good news is that the frogs have returned to our tiny bathtub of a pond. I’d love to get a picture, but they leap into the water as soon as they hear me coming.