I told the Long Suffering Husband that my biological clock has finally rung its alarm bell. You might think it’s a bit late (me being fifty and all), but as a matter of fact, I still have time. A cat can live for 20 years, and (with luck and regular exercise) I ought to be able to last that much longer.


This ginger female was the first one to steal my heart.


The white kitten has one blue eye and one yellow eye!


A tortie with semi-long hair. She stuck her tongue out at me.

It’s like a box of chocolates. There’s one of every kind.


I like the little Siamese too. There’s a black kitten in the back, but it was fast asleep. Later the Siamese tried to nurse on it, poor little thing.


A moment of quiet in a crowded cage.

Which one would you take home?