I am not much of a Bud drinker, but I do love the Clydesdales! According to Wikipedia, there are only about 5,000 of these horses in the world, and the breed is in danger of extinction. Budweiser Clydesdales always have the bay coloring with white markings (including the fluffy hooves), but there are Clydesdales of many colors. They started as draft horses in Scotland, and they’re BIG: 2,000 lbs or 907 kg.

The Clydesdales trotted around a small circuit of the downtown, stopping periodically to make “beer deliveries.”

It was fun to see them, but I missed the great theme song, “Here Comes the King.” Here’s the original Budweiser commercial from 1967, with vocals by Linda November.

The rig looks almost identical to the original, right down to the wooden “cases” of beer, the green jackets on the drivers and the alert dog (a Dalmatian?) on the seat next to them.

Now, why can’t there be Guinness beer deliveries?