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I just bought a spiralizer. These gadgets became popular on the strength of all the diets that emphasize vegetables and low carbs: Paleo, raw food, GF, vegan. But I knew nothing of the spiralizer until I ran across a package of spiralized zucchini noodles in the produce department at the “posh” market (not my friendly neighborhood supermarket). I couldn’t resist trying them. They looked like ramen! And they were great, but I can’t imagine continuing to pay $6 for a package of raw zucchini that serves two.


The Paderno spiralizer. It looks like the bed from Sweeney Todd’s dollhouse! Just wait till I spiralize some beets… bwhahahahaha!

The first question was how and whether to cook them. Looking online, I found that most people either eat them raw or do a very light sauté. If you overcook, they get mushy. And any form of cooking causes them to become watery. I hate it when a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce “breaks” and you end up with red matter over noodles in a pool of water. So, I proceeded with caution.

I sautéed the “zoodles” in plenty of olive oil and garlic over medium heat for about 3 minutes (the pan was crowded, so that’s not as much time as you might think). Then I threw in a couple of knobs of butter and a half-portion of real spaghetti, thereby ruining the calorie-reducing aspects beyond any hope of redemption but boosting the flavor. Finally I added salt and pepper, and a bit of grated Romano.

Voilà! Spaghetti aglio e olio, in an ever-so-slightly-healthier version. The zoodles did release a bit of moisture, but not enough to make the dish watery.


Half and half. That way you don’t get hungry 30 minutes later.

The best option is to eat the zoodles raw as a salad. Pat them dry after spiralizing and serve immediately after the sauce or dressing is applied, so that they don’t get watery. One popular recipe is to dress them with an avocado which you have put in the blender with some lime juice and garlic.


Potato and leek gratin with zoodle/avocado salad. The Long Suffering Husband approved.