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In Britain, a surprising number of people “become genuinely excited when presented with a hot beverage and a small plain biscuit.” So saith Bill Bryson in The Road to Little Dribbling, his new book about the land where tea is the Universal Remedy.


I adore it.

Hot beverages are welcome right now in my own little corner of the world, where the dreariness of winter is relieved by plugging in a playful kettle which the Long Suffering Husband found at Target. I don’t know what genius dreamed this up, but it never fails to mesmerize and delight with its cheery electric blue bubbles.

I have fallen behind on Bryson’s books, even though I’m fond of his work (my favorites are his other tome on Britain, Notes From A Small Island, and A Walk In The Woods, a hilarious account of hiking the Appalachian Trail). It may be time to catch up, if only to remind myself that sometimes the small comforts in life are the most satisfying of all.

Bill Bryson at Stonehenge. Photo AP/Dave Caulkin.