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Usually I try not to give in to Internet memes or anything that might be described as “viral.”

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Kylo Ren. Isn’t he the BEST. Clearly he was also the inspiration for Ren’s ship in the movie. Click for his story.

But I freely confess that I am not immune to the Adam Driver cat. Especially not after (finally) seeing Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movie. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that the movie is actually good. Sorry George Lucas, but the last three movies were the worst-written, worst-directed pieces of shite I could possibly have imagined. And this is someone who LOVES Star Wars talking. I saw the original when I was twelve. When the giant spaceship loomed overhead in the first scene, I instinctively ducked! I was in love with Han Solo! I bought a vinyl record of the John Williams soundtrack, with the dorky music from the canteen! I stood in line for hours in the mall to see The Empire Strikes Back!

Thank gods they stripped George Lucas of creative control this time around. How could such a storytelling genius completely lose his mojo? Is it the result of too much success, of being in a bubble where nobody has the courage to tell you that you’re headed for crapville?

In any case, I loved the movie. And I adored the actor who looks like that cat named Kylo Ren.


Mmmmmm, I do love a sexy villain.