I added screen caps and additional text to this post about one of my favorite films.

Linnet Moss

L’amante perduto (1999) directed by Roberto Faenza. With Ciarán Hinds, Juliet Aubrey, Stuart Bunce, Clara Bryant. NB: this post is more a critical appreciation than a review and contains spoilers.

vlcsnap-2015-04-04-09h15m42s32 THIS is why I had to update this post with lots and lots of screen caps.

I’ll begin with a fairytale. A prince and princess were wed, and expected to live happily ever after, but their new baby died, and the princess fell into a deep malaise from which none of the kingdom’s healers could revive her.

vlcsnap-2015-04-04-09h17m32s110 Juliette Aubry as Asya, Adam’s wife.

After very long while, the prince one day brought home something to amuse her, a beautiful crystal ball. Within this sphere the princess could see the face of her lost baby, and she smiled, then even laughed. For the first time in years, the prince felt hope, even though the princess was entranced with the…

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