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I am very inconsistent about photographing my cooking for blog purposes. Usually I become absorbed in the cooking and forget to take photos at critical points (such as the finished product). But the one time I always want to take a picture is when the veggies are gloriously arrayed in my pan and merrily sizzling. The pan is like a painter’s canvas, and my favorite color is green.


Kale and favas


Asparagus and red bell pepper


Edamame and rapini


Asparagus, chicken of the woods mushroom, and gemelli

I have a new ceramic pan (above) to replace my old non-stick skillet. It works very well (much better than my expensive, supposedly nonstick Calphalon pan) and doesn’t have a Teflon coating that can flake off. The only problem is that it’s hard to clean. It sears very easily and I have to clean it with scouring powder. Luckily the ceramic seems to weather the scrubbing just fine.