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According to the New York Times, advance ticket sales for Fifty Shades have skyrocketed in Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Alabama, those stalwarts of the Bible belt. Perhaps we are in the midst of some massive cultural rethinking, some seismic shift away from Puritanism and judgement toward the interesting notion that kinky premarital sex between consenting adults can be good, clean fun?


Beautiful Jamie Dornan. Click for source.

I think not. Three of these states (Mississippi, Kentucky and Alabama) still have sodomy laws on the books. Furthermore, premarital sex is against Biblical principles, and each of these states is in the top ten when it comes to the percentage of residents who are Evangelical Christians.

But let us charitably assume that the enthusiasm is coming from ladies whose desire for a thorough spanking is to be fulfilled within the hallowed bonds (giggle) of marriage. In that case, it is sad that many feel free to follow their own marital bliss whilst denying same-sex couples the ability to marry. Except for West Virginia, all the states in question have gay marriage bans that have been declared unconstitutional by lower courts–yet the states are appealing these rulings to higher courts.

But there is another possible explanation. These states also have a rather high concentration of persons with Scotch-Irish ancestry. So maybe the ladies there simply have a major grá for Beauteous Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan. In that case, I wouldn’t blame them at all.