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Getty Images has done a great thing for us bloggers by allowing many of their photos to be legally embedded in our posts. Perusing their site for images of Himself and Friends, I couldn’t resist giving the system a test drive. It’s a pleasing survey of his public appearances over the past decade, but with some significant gaps where Getty did not make images available. If you’re not familiar with Mr. H.’s oeuvre, this will give you an idea of what he’s been up to, and the A-listers he’s been working with. Plus, I get to ponder the mysteries of the Hindsian wardrobe and make affectionately snarky comments (“Are you really going out in that?”).

A tip of the hat to Guylty Pleasure for giving me the idea for this post! It is indeed a pleasure to spend an hour or so bathing the retinas in these images.

Let’s start with The Sum of All Fears premiere in Los Angeles in 2002. Hinds turned in a terrific performance as “President Nemerov,” a Russian leader with many similarities to Vladimir Putin (but taller and much better looking). He stole the show, and this role led to more opportunities in Hollywood. I love the brown suit, the slicked-back hair and the slightly nerdy look of the buttoned polo shirt. Sadly, the handsome suit seems to disappear after this event.


Veronica Guerin is the true story of Ms. Guerin’s heroic battle against out-of-control drug dealers in Dublin. Here is Himself (who played the creepily sexy John Traynor) with Cate Blanchett at the 2003 premiere. The brown suit has been replaced by navy blue with a blue button-down shirt. We are going to become VERY familiar with this outfit.


Another shot from the premiere of VG in London: can you tell I’m having fun here? Mr. H.’s verdict on Cate was that she “looks good in a frock.” Cate’s verdict seems to be that Ciarán Hinds smells wonderful.


Mr. H. played the deliciously evil villain Jonathan Reiss in Angelina Jolie’s 2003 film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. For the premiere, he dons the exact same outfit he wore to Veronica Guerin. It’s a rare pleasure to see him with a tan.


His daughter Aoife attended the premiere. This picture just melts your heart!


A much-beloved shot from the premiere of Race To Witch Mountain (London, 2005). In the film he plays a sinister Man In Black From A Shady Governmental Agency… This time he has a new look, with striped shirt, his favorite leather jacket, and jeans.


With Carla Gugino, Race To Witch Mountain director Andy Fickman and Dwayne Johnson. Himself would later be reunited with Carla in Political Animals.


One of Mr. H.’s best roles was Julius Caesar in the HBO series Rome. Here’s a shot of cast members Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Lindsay Duncan, Polly Walker and Chiara Mastelli at a photo call in 2006. Looking very stylish here in the leather jacket with scarf, neat beard, and pleasingly shorn hair.


Mr. H. wins an IFTA (Irish Film and Television Awards) for Rome in 2007 and shows, if any proof were needed, that he can rock a tuxedo (see also: Pettigrew). But it’s all too rare a vision.


At the premiere of There Will Be Blood with best buddy Liam Neeson (2007). The two have been friends since they were teenagers. And there’s his “premiere outfit” again! Perhaps he has enough of costumes and fancy clothing in his professional life. When not onstage or on set, he sticks to a limited wardrobe of comfortable favorites.


The premiere of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (2008), a perennial fan favorite for the beautiful suits CH wore, and the romantic plot. With co-stars Lee Pace, the divine Frances McDormand, Amy Adams, and Tom Payne. Mr. H. looks comfortable and casual in a grey zip-neck sweater, scarf, and jeans. Lee Pace must be very tall because he towers over the other cast members and Hinds, who is six foot one.


A 2009 portrait from the Tribeca Film Festival where he received a well-deserved Best Actor nod for The Eclipse. It’s a psychological drama in which he plays a widower haunted by ghostly manifestations. The favored jacket again, with a plaid shirt. Soon we will be nostalgic for this hair.


A great “bromance” shot with fellow Eclipse star Aidan Quinn and friend Liam Neeson, at the Tribeca festival. Liam is wearing a 1977 Pink Floyd tour T-shirt: another man for the casual clothing. Mr. H. once described himself as having been in Pink Floyd/Slade mode during the late 70s, “with a Dave Hill haircut.” But I’ve never seen him in a Slade T-shirt!


At the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Nov. 2010) in which he played Aberforth Dumbledore beneath a load of prosthetic makeup. Around this time, he seems to have grown fatigué with the concept of haircuts. And regular shaves. Or maybe it has been a lifelong aversion, indulged when feasible between roles…


Shaun Dooley, Liz White and Daniel Radcliffe at The Woman In Black premiere (2012). I never realized before how tiny DanRad is. Himself is wearing a dark navy pea coat (one of my favorite items in his wardrobe) over a dark grey blazer. It’s his outdoor wear, and the other pictures reveal that he’s only just arrived.


Hello gorgeous! Another shot from the premier of The Woman In Black. This was a ghost story, but not as good as The Eclipse. Note the blue shirt.


Voguing with co-star Adrian Pasdar at the premiere of the TV miniseries Political Animals (June 2012), in which Mr. Hinds played an earthy, philandering ex-president whose ex-wife is aiming for the office of POTUS, opposite a Hilary-esque Sigourney Weaver. The party was held in the Morgan Library in NYC. Someone has very good taste, and it ain’t Yer Man. The best that can be said of this grey plaid blazer with dark blue shirt: it is not the nadir of Hindsian Sartorial History (I’ve seen worse). From the other shots, it looks like he wore this with black jeans and hiking boots.


Sardi’s photo call for Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Nov. 2012) in which Hinds played Big Daddy (the first time I saw Himself in person!) For such photogenic people, the cast appears rather stiff, as though they’re in a police lineup. We have, from the left, director Rob Ashford, Debra Monk, Mr. H., Scarlett Johansson, and the beauteous Ben Walker, who spent much of the play memorably (i.e. partially) clad in pajama bottoms. Himself has purchased a new premiere outfit: a grey blazer with a battleship green shirt and black jeans.


By opening night of COHTR (Jan. 2013), Big Daddy had a patriarchal full beard. He pairs the new gray blazer with one of the familiar blue shirts. Clearly, this is a man who hates neckties. Debra Monk looks radiant in red satin.


With a fan taking a selfie at the Toronto Film Festival (Sept 2013), where he starred in three films (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, McCanick, The Sea). Blue blazer, light blue shirt, no tie…


The after-party for opening night (Dec. 2013) of The Night Alive, a play by Conor McPherson in which Himself starred. (Click here for more on this party.) OMG, the zombie Premiere Outfit has returned! Mr. H. has his character Tommy’s stubble and long hair, and after the run of TNA, he seems suspiciously reluctant to meet with shears and razor…


With actor Bill Hader at the 16th Costume Designers Guild Awards (Feb 2014), where he paid tribute to Rome costume designer April Ferry in a very well-cut suit. We may confidently surmise that someone else dressed him for this appearance. Look at the shoes, the spiffy tie! But my fingers are itching for the scissors and razor every time I see this picture. Let’s hope he got to keep the suit, and that we see it again…


If you’ve made it this far, you may already be a Ciarán Hinds fan! Check out ciaranhinds.eu for the Picture of the Day and everything you’ve always wanted to know about Himself but were afraid to ask. Well, almost everything…