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Someone once suggested to geneticist James Watson that his atheism must make life rather bleak. He replied, “Well, I am anticipating a good lunch.”


Smiles of a summer night. I do variations of this meal all year, but it’s best on a balmy summer evening…

I go through periods where I write down all the things I make for dinner, or eat at restaurants. Sometimes it’s because I might want to make them again, and other times it’s more like keeping a journal on a trip. Food is my adventure and my vacation, even when I stay home.


What a great idea! Pizza topped with dressed arugula salad, at Willoughby Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio!

[On French cinematographer Bruno de Keyzer]: I remember him coming to the set every morning as the light was creeping up and the first thing he would say, with a half-lit cigar, was [adopts French accent], ‘And where are we eating this evening?’ It’s something I’ve never come across since! -Ciarán Hinds


Grilled mini-peppers stuffed with chèvre and veggie sausage, served on a bed of arugula with balsamic drizzle. Better than a restaurant!

We had a big batch of rhubarb in the fridge, so I surfed about online looking for a cake recipe and found Big Crumb Rhubarb Coffee Cake from the Smitten Kitchen. Deb is very funny and she’s really into Big Crumbs. I went a bit overboard with her instructions and ended up with Flintstones Boulder Crumb Cake. But the Long-Suffering Husband enjoyed it enough to steal two more pieces after dinner. So I count that a success.


My rhubarb crumb cake.

“Cap’n and I are available for birthday parties at reasonable prices. He does magic, and I make your cake disappear.
Jarod Kintz, Sleepwalking is Restercise  


Rhubarb is the perfect fruit (vegetable?) to put in coffee cake because its sourness balances the sugar and fat.