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“You’re just in time for the drinks,” said Val in greeting. She was a former bartender, and proud of her mixological prowess. “I’ve made Valerie’s Secret, which is a cucumber martini with a mystery ingredient, and the Ferdinand, which is tequila, lime, and red pepper purée with a cucumber and smoked-salt garnish.” 

“So ye’ve gendered the cocktails?” said Angus. “Are we allowed to cross-drink? I’m verra keen to delve into Val’s secret.”

Flattered, Val laughed as he took one of the cuke martinis, which was garnished with paper-thin slices of cucumber, cleverly rolled and speared on a toothpick. “Nobody’s going to judge you for swinging both ways,” she said.

Often we associate certain foods and drinks with masculinity and femininity. A ribeye steak is “manly,” and chicken salad on greens is “feminine.” Chili and barbecue are men’s dishes, while quiche and chocolate-covered strawberries are for women.

Of course I do not subscribe to these food canards. Early readers of my blog may recall a very opinionated post entitled Manly Men Drink Chardonnay. As you may have guessed, however, I have a theory…

What if the foods themselves are gendered? This occurred to me as I was sampling Chateau Greysac 2009, a full-bodied Bordeaux which I described this way: The aroma was pleasing from the start, with berries and forest leaf humus. I was also reminded of the sweet savor that some cigars have before they are smoked. On the tongue, the wine became more complex with alternating intimations of fruit, leather and spice. It struck me as a very masculine beverage!

Portrait Of Clark Gable

A 2009 Bordeaux from the Médoc!

I was attracted to this wine because of its overt masculinity. A white wine can be masculine too. I’ve had chardonnays that were full-bodied and muscular, with plenty of firm oak…

Gary Farrell Russian River Chard 2012: “A fine combination of depth, vibrancy and balance.” Click for source.

But usually I am drawn to the feminine wines, the Grace Kellys of the oenophile world, the cool blonde Sauvignon Blancs.


Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc! Click for source.

And what could be as much fun as a flirtatious, radiant rosé?


“Gorgeous Tavel dresses in a thousand shades of pink to seduce and captivate the senses. It is luminous like no other wine.”  Click for image source.

I guess I’m pansexual when it comes to food and beverage attraction. Do you have a crush on a particularly sexy cocktail or wine?