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I had to go to some trouble to find a pic that actually shows his feet! Or one of them anyway. Photo by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Wonderland Magazine. Click for source.

“Kit perfectly embodies the Jimmy Choo man,” Sandra Choi, Choo’s creative director, said today. “He has a natural and alluring masculinity and an effortless sense of style. His cool attitude and smouldering sensuality belie a true British gentleman.”

Um, someone bring this woman a dictionary. Stat.

The (soon to be ex-?) creative director for Jimmy Choo experienced a severe semantic dysfunction in her attempt to sum up Mr. Harington’s undeniable charms. Ironic? Moronic? You decide.

For his part, the Beauteous Mr. Harington dutifully recited: “I was very excited to be chosen as the face for such a highly regarded brand and to play a role in defining who the Jimmy Choo man is.”

Apparently the Jimmy Choo man’s footwear costs $1095 and looks like this:

“The Baron” bespeaks the Wildling in every True British Gentleman! Photo: Jimmychoo.com.