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I love a delicious wine at a great price. This $8.99 bottle from producer Falesco in the lovely land of Umbria did not disappoint. It is a blend of two Italian grapes, Verdicchio and Vermentino. It made me nostalgic for the six weeks I once spent in Rome, drinking delicious, cheap wines from Lazio and Umbria.


The Vitiano website includes a pleasing photo of co-owner Riccardo Coterella (I love to see who is making my wine) and this apt quote from Louis Pasteur: The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry. 

Ciao bello Riccardo! Where’s your brother Renzo? Click for source.

The wine has dry and even astringent fruit, with a rich, contrasting coconut aroma, a nice round feel in the mouth, and a long-lasting finish. A great match for gnocchi or creamy pasta dishes!