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The Long-Suffering Husband and I recently attended a benefit for our local animal shelter. Among the items at the silent auction was this well-aged bottle of Bordeaux. It was only an appellation controlée, but the donors noted its “value” as $110. We paid considerably less than that. Thank goodness.


Clos St. Georges Graves 1982

The next day, I tried to find some tasting notes online, but came up with nothing. I couldn’t even find Clos Saint-Georges listed as a Graves producer, except for whites. It seemed an inauspicious sign.

The next bad omen was the cork. It came out spongy and black. Uh oh.


By this point we were more or less resigned to our fates, but poured out the thick orange sludge anyway to get a look at it.


The bouquet, of course, was musty, corky vinegar, and the color was V-8 juice. We emptied it down the drain (it probably did a good job of cleaning the pipes) and opened a pleasant bottle of Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau (which I much prefer to this year’s Duboeuf, by the way).

But remember, it was all for the animals!


Ya gotta love shelter cats.