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The Long Suffering Husband somehow managed to consume this entire 1.5 lb. jar of nuts and honey within a week. Now, readers of Buckwheat Honeymoon know that I have a special fondness for honey. I planned to get around to this jar when I was (ahem) in the mood. But the statute of limitations ran out, and like the mad love-child of Pooh Bear and Squirrel Nutkin, the LSH absconded with both honey and nuts. The odd thing is that I never saw him scarfing it, which means that he ate the entire thing either after I went to sleep or before I got up.


In any case, the topic of nut consumption reminds me of this little scene at a costume ball:

Ruth wore a long tulle skirt spangled with sparkly rhinestones, and a crown of fresh rosebuds and greenery in her hair. On her feet were ballet slippers, and on her tiny hands, a pair of white archivist’s gloves decorated with faux gemstones and glitter. She led by the hand a male figure in homespun clothing with a cream linen shirt, a brown woolen vest and breeches, and white stockings with buckled shoes. His face was obscured by the large donkey’s head that covered his own, but it had holes cut in it so that he could see, after a fashion.

“Ruth, or should I say Titania?” called Laura. “So you brought Nick Bottom instead of Oberon!”

“Yes, it appears that I really am quite an ass,” said Bottom in Nigel’s voice.

Ruth turned to him. “Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful,” she cooed.

He shrugged and said wryly, “Reason and love keep little company together nowadays.”

Fondling the tall, fuzzy ears on his head, Ruth purred, “How I do love thee! Say what thou desirest to eat. I have a venturous fairy that shall seek the squirrel’s hoard and fetch thee new nuts.”

“Uh, if it’s all the same to you, my love, that won’t be necessary,” he replied, his voice muffled inside the mask. “Errm, will we be…retiring to your bower any time soon? This head is starting to feel itchy.”

“Tender Ass, I’ll wind thee in my arms and kiss thy fair large ears!” crowed Ruth. With a jaunty wave at Laura and James, she danced off, leading Bottom after her.