My back yard is partly cultivated, partly wild. In the spring, it becomes so luxuriant that to keep it manicured would be a full time job. I rather enjoy its waywardness. Some of my earliest memories involve the exploration of untidy green nooks and the treasures to be found within.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.04.46 AM

The last of the forget-me-nots. They did very well this year.

The shady spots are always the ones I love best. 


Hostas are at their best in early summer.

I like to see where things grow when they are left to their own habits, rather than being assigned a spot.


This star flower is a spring bulb that re-seeds itself. It’s popping up everywhere, but I welcome it.


For some reason, our yard is full of wild strawberries this year. It will be a race to see whether the birds and squirrels get them before I do!

The blooming of the yellow iris in the pond is an eagerly awaited event. “The Pond” is a grandiose name for this tiny body of water. It has a fountain which burbles charmingly, in unison with the frogs.

yellow iris

The yellow irises come but once a year. There are some cattails in the pond too.

The pergola is not much used, except by the birds, who adore the wisteria bower. It’s a safe place for them to nest. The wisteria never blooms, because it is too shady here, but its foliage is luxuriant.


Beloved retreat of the robins.

Of course the mosses are my favorites. This one looks like a forest seen from far above.


I think this is an amblystegium, one of the most common mosses in Ohio.

I titled this post “Green Sojourn” because the brilliant spring green remains only for a time. Later the garden will be green, yet the lushness of this moment will fade.


The oregano came roaring back. If only my thyme would be this vigorous.


The ivy has a cooler green texture, very restful.