How is a cat portrait different from a regular snapshot of a cat? Maybe it conveys something of the subject’s unique personality. Or maybe it’s just that the feline in question sits still long enough for you to get a clear shot.


This picture of Winnie is very Winnie-ish. She always has that sober look, and she is a scaredy-cat. Here she seems to be questioning, or beaming some thoughts at the viewer (“Cannnned Fooooood… Kiiiiiibbbble….”)


I don’t know how I managed to snap this one of Aubrey, so focused that you can see the individual strands on her face. She shows a curious combination of affection and reserve. She’s also the tiniest of our cats, still not much bigger than a kitten.


This picture conveys the softness of Vivian. She is a grey tortie, big and baggy and fluffy, and very sweet-tempered. Except when those Two Little Fools interfere with her.


Jerome is the True Diva of the house. Nothing is off limits for him. And he’ll sit on your Sunday New York Times if he feels like it. He may also gnaw it a little.