Sometimes I assemble odd meals from whatever is in the fridge. This was one such meal a few months ago, just right for consumption on the screened porch with a refreshing Sauv Blanc. If the flavors were not all perfectly coordinated, well, nobody was complaining. It’s chilly now, the leaves are falling, and I’m feeling nostalgic for warm days gone by.


Avocados wait for no woman.

I think it was Nigella Lawson who said that she keeps a “library” of avocados of different ages, so that she always has some ready to use.


Simple guacamole: just lime juice and salt. With a perfect avocado, it’s sublime.

I had a rather aged package of frozen artichokes that needed to be used, so I made an old favorite: baked artichoke dip. It contains cream cheese, a spoonful of mayonnaise, romano cheese, a touch of garlic, and some lemon juice. Then a topping of panko bread crumbs and a short stint in a hot oven.


Individual ramekins are a necessity–otherwise I won’t get my share!

The best item was these marinated mushrooms. I sliced and sautéed them, then let them cool in a bath of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and bay leaf. Easy and very, very good.


I already want more of these.

The final dinner lineup had some sensible veggies added: sautéed rapini, and carrot sticks for dipping. And look who was there, little Agnes begging for some cheese. I’ve got to the point now where pictures of her make me happy rather than weepy.


All ready to be ferried out to the porch!