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Twenty years ago, I could never have imagined that vegetarianism and mindful eating would be as mainstream as they are now. You can tell that times have changed from the availability of meatless options in grocery stores and restaurants. We veggie people are still a minority, but the “brown rice and kale” hippie stereotype has receded.


Beautiful kale!

It so happens that I love brown rice and kale. Just as many people aspire to a meatless day every week, I aspire to a weekly vegan dinner. My favorite vegetables are leafy greens. I developed a taste for them after discovering rapini.

Kale is not as tender as rapini or spinach. I chop it into thin ribbons and microwave for three minutes. That usually does the trick, and retains the nutrients I would otherwise lose by blanching it. For this meal, I made brown rice in my rice cooker (essential equipment for vegetarians!) and folded in the kale, a can of black beans, and the last of my precious roasted tomatoes, frozen from last summer’s garden. The juicy tomatoes were loaded with herbs and salt, so I didn’t need to add much seasoning other than a few twists of fresh-ground black pepper.

Instead of garnishing with cheese, I used nutritional yeast. Mmmmmm.


I have a heavy hand with the garnishes.