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Who’d have thought that an internationally acclaimed architect like Frank Gehry would design a dwelling specifically for a cat? But when the cat is a True Diva like our Jerome, all bets are off.


Like so many of Gehry’s other creations, this is “a piece of architecture that dares you to underestimate it.”

Gehry’s whimsical buildings have been described as “juxtaposed collages of spaces and materials that make users appreciative of both the theatre and the back-stage, simultaneously revealed.” The style is perfect for a cat who draws all eyes, whether he’s performing or simply relaxing in his dressing room. For comparison, let’s look at some of Gehry’s other striking achievements:

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles:

Walt Disney

The Lou Ruvo Cleveland Clinic Brain Health Center in Las Vegas: brainhealth1

The Peter B. Lewis Building in Cleveland, Ohio: Lewis

I for one am glad that Gehry has extended his creative endeavors to delight a feline audience. I’m looking forward to several of his upcoming projects: the “Winnie and Aubrey Center for Catnip Studies,” the “Agnes Dormitory” in St. Hilda’s, Oxford, and the “Vivian Museum of Mouse Taxidermy.”