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Check out this glorious piece of poetry from Wine Enthusiast

This medium-bodied wine shows a remarkable evolution on the palate, where it accelerates through tight, reined-in notions of gun flint and vague leafiness to pinwheels of pink grapefruit and tomato leaf by the long finish. 


Nice label, too.

As you may know, I am as much a connoisseur of wine descriptions as I am of the wines themselves. This one is a doozy. When I tasted the wine myself, I noted a strong mineral element, much more pronounced than in a typical Marlborough Sauv Blanc. Together with the flinty flavors there were lemon and a savor which I could only describe as “green.” The wine is bracingly crisp, with a good balance of sugar and acidity. Altogether, a good wine when you don’t mind investing a few extra dollars ($17.99). If you like a stony Chablis or Chenin Blanc, this may be the one for you.