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In winter when it’s overcast and I am feeling glum, nothing cheers me up like a sprightly rosé. Our retailer was looking to unload his rosé wines, on the assumption that rosé is a seasonal beverage. So the Long-Suffering Husband picked up this bottle ($8.99), one we have not tried before.


DMZ rosé 2013.

It turned out to be a fantastic value, bursting with intense strawberry flavors and good acidity that can stand up to whatever you’re eating (within reason). The color is gorgeous, pink but with a tiny blush of peach, and the finish is lovely. The only fault is a lack of aroma. From smelling this, you would never guess how good it tastes. But maybe it was too cold. At this price, I won’t quibble.

This is a South African wine. I was charmed by DeMorgenzon’s philosophy, which is a bit New Age:

While we could call ourselves ‘mountain vineyards’ we prefer to be known as ‘garden vineyards’. In Spring specially chosen wildflowers flourish between our vines. We have no doubt that a biodiverse and ecologically sensitive environment produces infinitely better grapes and the beauty of our gardens is captured in every bottle of our wine. We pipe Baroque music through our vineyards 24×7 and believe that the power of music positively influences the ripening process.

Well, if Baroque music gets the vines to produce a beverage this good, who am I to complain? Next time we have a bottle of this, I’ll be sure to play some Handel.