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When the leaves fall from the trees, my thoughts turn to red wine. In a desultory way. I am a confirmed white wine drinker, but were I ever to play for the other team, I’d go to bat for this one. The Long-Suffering Husband brought back a couple of bottles from a visit to lovely Portland, Oregon. Now I wish he had ordered a case.


2009 August Cellars Baco Noir

The color is deep purple, the aroma is velvety, and the flavor is rich fruit, mellow and complex. A touch of leather, and a lip-smacking long finish. Both the Lond-Suffering Husband and I thought that this one tastes like a cross between a Pinot Noir and a Cab. At $20, it’s a bargain.

I had never heard of Baco Noir before, but it is a hybrid of the grape traditionally used to make cognac, and an indigenous North American grape. Unusual, and delicious! I served it with one of my “traditional” meat analogue meals.


roasted butternut squash, sautéed rapini with garlic, and Gardein meatless meatloaf with gravy. Yummy and vegan 🙂