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This is what I call a bread-and-honey wine. It’s one of my favorite flavor profiles for a Sauvignon Blanc (the other being grapefruit and flowers). The wine is not actually sweet, but it manages to provide the aroma and flavor of honey, or perhaps a honeydew melon. There’s also a slightly yeasty component, not as noticeable in this wine as in some. The finish lasts and lasts.


Fog Head Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012

It’s made in Monterey by Delicato Family Vineyards, a producer focusing on biodiversity and sustainable practices in the vineyards. I was particularly intrigued by this clever idea:

The viticulturists at San Bernabe and Clay Station vineyards have developed specially-designed owl nesting boxes. These nocturnal predators hunt down and consume pesky rodents that damage tender young vines.

Amusingly, the family name is not Delicato but Indelicato. The founder was Gasparé who came from Campobello, Italy. They are up to three generations now. I love this kind of story!


Gasparé’s three sons Vincent, Frank and Anthony are on the right, and his grandsons Chris and Jay in the center. Image: DFV website. Click for source.