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When you have Rainier cherries to enjoy with a little Raschera DOP.


Rainiers, which were developed in Washington state near Mount Rainier, are very expensive where I live. You might end up paying $20 a bag at the beginning or end of the season. But it’s worth it. The flavor is complex, like a good red wine. You bite into the fruit and experience that burst of cherry-ness, but then it changes to spicy and earthy notes before fading off in a long, glorious finish…

I hate to see summer end, but August means sweet corn. This must be purchased from a roadside stand (never the grocery store), and preferably picked the same day. It’s boiled for three minutes and slathered with butter. One of life’s great joys. I like to remove mine from the cob, but the Long Suffering Husband likes his “typewriter style” (for those of you who remember typewriters, LOL).


Sammy smells butter!

Maize is a New World specialty. I wonder whether people in other parts of the globe get to enjoy it the way we do. It helps when you’re surrounded by cornfields… Now if only we had local cherries.