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Matua 2013 Sauvignon Blanc ($9.99) is advertised as the 40th vintage of Matua, a producer in the Marlborough region of New Zealand.


Matua 2013 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. With handy screw-top lid.

The tasting notes for this bottle describe “zesty, tropical, citrus fruits” complemented by “bitey herbaceous undertones.” For me it had a nose of green gooseberry with excellent grapefruit flavor and good structure. It is surprisingly dry for a New Zealand Sauv Blanc. All in all, a perfect potation for the patio, now that our weather is warming…

And speaking of heat, the other night I finally got around to watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, which is (in spite of the token nod to Uhura) a smörgåsbord of Manly Beauty–multiple hot and cool dishes. All the actors seemed like surreal, hyper-gorgeous versions of their original selves. Even Bones, who in the original was played by the charismatic but not-quite-handsome DeForest Kelley, has been updated for the new century to this:


Works for me.

When I saw him, I thought: WHO is it? I know this face. I even knew his name, Karl Urban, but couldn’t place him. Of course that’s what Google image is for. Turns out he is the New Zealand actor who also had this role:


Blond and be-wigged Karl as Eomer in “Lord of the Rings.”

Yes, “crisp, fresh structure and acidity balances with great structure and length” (ooooh, Karl!) to produce “a real New Zealand classic.” I’ll drink to that.


A role I’ve not seen, in “Priest.” Karl channels Clint? Click for source.