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The corks on my kitchen counter seem to be multiplying like rabbits. Could it be that Spring is in the air?


The most prolific of the corks is Barnard Griffin Chardonnay. Inexpensive and always delicious… in case you’re wondering about that pot of mustard that has made a home next to the corks, it is Pommery Moutarde Royale with cognac. They share an affinity because it is sealed with gold wax over a big ol’ cork! The internet seems to be rife with foodies asking how to open one of these little treasure chests. Opinion is divided between using a paring knife around the edges and sticking a corkscrew right in the middle… so far I’ve not found the  ideal method.


From the Columbia Valley in Washington state, it’s full of pear, pineapple and vanilla flavors. We just bought a case!