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One of my favorite musicians, Pete Townshend, had this to say on the liner notes of his great solo album Empty Glass (1980): Finally thanks to Remy Martin Cognac for saving my life by making the bloody stuff so expensive. I should have taken heed long ago. Yes, Pete was struggling with an alcohol problem. But he had very good taste in hooch.


A Little Is Enough…

I used to drink Courvoisier VSOP. Then by chance one evening, I was opening a bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP (thoughtfully provided by the Long-Suffering Husband) and had an opportunity to taste-test the two side by side. The verdict: there is no contest. Rémy Martin has a much richer, superior flavor! It is my tipple of choice for after dinner. Plus it has the cute Centaur logo! And it makes me think of Pete… I really ought to do a post on beaux laids. Sometimes they are the most Beautiful Men of all.


The big hit on this album was “Let My Love Open the Door” but I really liked “Rough Boys” too…