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“I think we really are a club,” Emily was saying, “and we should have a name that has to do with Philadelphia.”

“How about the Philly Cheesesteak Appreciation Society?” volunteered Tina. ‘Cheesesteak,’ Ellen gathered, was one of their code words for a sexy man.

“The Tomato Pies?” suggested Val, referring to the local variety of topsy-turvy pizza.

Emily smiled. “I know. How about The Libertine Belles?” Everyone praised the name except Kim, who insisted that the group was not a club and didn’t need a name, but Ellen could see she was amused.

“We can be like the Oscars,” said Tina, “and bestow accolades on the most talented belle-ringers.” 

Kim actually snickered. “And the award for the best Live Action Short goes to…?” 

“Charlie!” came a chorus of voices. “Too bad there’s no category for Live Action Extra Long,” said Emily. “He could win both at the same time.” 

“Angus should get Best Song, for the way he yodels in bed and sings you Celtic lullabies,” put in Tina.

Kim laughed. “Are you kidding? What about Jaime’s famous bull moose call?” 

“Gerry the Drummer gets Best Visual Design,” said Val. 

“Instead of Best Screenplay, we should have an award for Best Foreplay,” decided Kim. There was disagreement on the winner here. Some felt that Hector was the most deserving. “Haven’t you noticed the way he lets you lie back while he does all the work?” said Tina. “He’s such a gentleman.” But Kim thought that Jaime and Owen were both strong contenders, and Emily preferred Angus.

“I just hope nobody’s getting an award for cinematography,” said Ellen dryly.

“Oh Ellen, stop worrying about the sexting thing. None of our guys would do that,” Emily told her.

“We’re neglecting Best Supporting Actor,” noted Kim. “Have any of you ladies been lucky enough to have two leading men?”

“If we have, we’re not telling,” said Val. “But Angus likes to do it against a wall. I think he could win Supporting.”

“Or Stunt Coordination,” put in Emily.

“Nobody’s mentioned Hugh,” said Ellen cautiously. She was curious to know their verdict. 

“Hugh’s not playing on enough screens,” replied Kim. “He’s in limited release. A shame, really.” 

There was a pause, and then Tina said, “I hooked up with Hugh once. Back when I first joined the group.”

“And?” They all looked at her. Tina’s eyes dropped to her empty plate, and she smiled, as though remembering something delicious. “Best Actor.”

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