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My husband objects when I add peanut butter to chocolate fudge, but I say they are two great tastes that taste great together. I feel the same way about Ciarán Hinds and James Purefoy. These two have had a cinematic bromance going for some time now, with Mr. H. always playing the older authority figure, and Purefoy the younger sidekick.

Exhibit A: The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003). In which Michael Henchard makes so many asinine, bone-headed choices that your fingers itch to strangle him. But Ciarán Hinds still manages to make the character sympathetic. Must be those big dark eyes of his. Meanwhile Purefoy is suitably handsome and noble as Farfrae.


Mmm. Hinds and Purefoy in neckcloths. Click photo for source (salty dragon on photo bucket.com).

Exhibit B: Rome (2005). Hinds (a charismatic yet calculating Julius Caesar) is ably assisted by Purefoy as the pleasure-loving Antony. After the Ides of March it was not quite so very riveting for me; however, Purefoy’s scenes with Cleopatra are golden.


Mmmm. Hinds and Purefoy in togas. Click for source (operanews.com)

Exhibit C: John Carter (2012). OK, it wasn’t their finest hour. But so worth it to see them together again! And not bad as sci-fi epics go. I hope they received massive paychecks and toddled back to their respective homes to make lots of small independent films and do theater roles.


Mmm. Hinds and Purefoy in weird alien getups.

Maybe these two should just get a room. But only if I’m invited!