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I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin on Pandora (by happenstance, “Black Dog” popped up on the Van Morrison channel–go figure). It inspired me to find out how the Beautiful Male icons of my youth have aged. Check it out.

Robert Plant


Dionysus Embodied. Look on him, ye lesser males, and despair! Click for source.

Robert Plant

I don’t know the source. But OMG.


Not bad, but he would look better if he cut the hair. It doesn’t have the same effect on an old dude. Source: telegraph.co.uk.

Robert Plant was something special, a strutting, sensual, androgynous Seventies Sex God. He’s very craggy now, but it’s OK. He just needs to lose the hair. See Roger Daltrey below. Current age of RP: 65.

Roger Waters


He needed to grow into the face, but… very appealing. I’ve got a soft spot for this type. Admittedly I picked a flattering shot.


I had no idea he was so Beauteous these days! Click for source (progrockmag.com)

Waters, the genius behind Pink Floyd, is now reminiscent of Richard Gere, but with more personality. I am amazed at how hot he looks (Current age: 70).

Van Morrison


If you never thought Van the Man was particularly sexy, think again. Love me some ginger! Click for source (cdn.crooksandliars.com)

Van Morrison

The middle period–thinning hair. But mucho extra points for playing the sexophone. This photo copyright by Urban Image. Click for the Urban Image website and a larger version.


He’s always had a bit of tendency towards pudge. But he’s still cool in a Bluesman way. Click for source (performingsongwriter.com)

Belfast-born Van the Man will always be sexy as long as he can sing. So saith Linnet. Amen. (Current age: 68)

Pete Townshend


A face only a mother could love, and yet I always thought he was sexy.


See what I mean?


Another one from Pete’s middle period. Mmmm. Love that big honking nose.

Pete Townshend

And today. Is it only me? I still think he’s hot. And he gets extra points for writing “Pure and Easy.”

Pete was never as good-looking as Roger Daltrey, but let’s face it. He was the brains of the operation. And that in itself gives him Beautiful Man status. (Current age: 68)

Keith Richards (yep, you already know where this is going)


He started out really hot. Mmm, a Bad Boy if there ever was one. Click for source (biography.com)


Keith’s middle period. Still very sexy. Click for source (jaunted.com)


Arrrggghhh! No, no, no! No eyeliner on old guys!!! Click for source (biography.com)

What can I say, Keith? Too much hard living, perhaps? (Current age: 69)

Roger Daltrey


Extremely sexy. Shake it, Lover Man! Click for source (biography.com)


He has mellowed into a cutie-pie type with a great look for an older guy! Click for source (blogspot.com)


This was taken in 2010. Enough said. Click for source (thewho.com)

Roger has wisely kept his hair short since he became… ahem… a mature man. (Current age: 69)

Cat Stevens


Ravishing beauty. Click for source (giant panther.com)


He now goes by Yusuf Islam. Still attractive, but the patriarchal beard does nothing for me.

Yusuf gets extra points for virtue on the Beautiful Man scale, but drops substantially in the Sex God stakes. Which is probably just fine with him. (Current age: 65)

James Taylor

James Taylor 69375-13

Holy Handyman. Someone bring me a fainting couch. With room for two, please! Source: therollingstoneyears.com.


He lost his hair, yes. But. Check out the eyebrows, eyes, and hands. Source: media.pennlive.com.

Sweet Baby James is still very sexy. But he looks best in a hat. (Current age: 65)

The verdict? I say Roger Waters, Roger Daltrey, and James Taylor have aged the most gracefully and retained the greatest share of mojo. (Townshend gets honorable mention!What do you think?