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Diane Keaton would like to share some pictures of Beautiful Men with you. According to this article in Vanity Fair, she tweeted a plea to her followers to exchange pictures of pulchritudinous males “to lift my spirits.”

Ms. Keaton is a wise woman, for few things bring as much delight to a Melancholy Baby as the viewing of vistas of vigorous virility. Her picks were the following, which I have extracted from their original contexts for your pleasure (click photos for source).


A young Christopher Walken. Diane says: “underrated beauty, and a heartbreaker”


Diane says: “JACK! the best smile, of any man, ever. that smile defines his beauty – it’s part evil, part angelic.”


Diane says: “if i could, i would blow this up to 10’x10′, put it on my wall as wallpaper, and be happy every day.”

I cannot fault her choices, except that Leo (in this picture) looks slightly too young and androgynous. I prefer my Leo well-aged. The youthful Christopher Walken, on the other hand, is a brilliant selection. And the black and white photography makes for a most elegant assemblage. I nominate Diane Keaton to curate a virtual pantheon of Beautiful Men. As you can see on Pinterest, many have tried this experiment. But not everyone has her exquisite taste!