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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Dairy Products Gone Bad. Back in the 90’s, the Long Suffering Husband and I were active collectors of alternative comics, the ones that aren’t put out by Marvel and typically lack superheroes of any ilk.

I recall one favorite in particular, drawn by the wonderfully-named Evan Dorkin. It featured the anti-heroes Milk and Cheese, who had Gone Bad in the worst way, guzzling mass quantities of gin, wielding broken bottles, and succumbing to dark, megalomaniac fantasies.


Photos by Linnet from her voluminous collection.

In spite of (or because of?) my love of law-abiding creamy dairy products, their evil twins also exert a strange fascination over me. I always keep an eye out for that illicit unpasteurized cheese… and I’m a total sucker for any dairy product that is Bad For You.


Alas, the comics collection is stored away in archival sleeves and boxes now, and only rarely savored or added to. But I still keep an eye on Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, Drawn and Quarterly, and other worthy independent publishers.


We’ll let Milk and Cheese speak for themselves a bit more… click to enlarge.


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Now, I always felt that in spite of the bad-boy rowdiness of Milk and Cheese, their crime sprees were being guided by an unseen hand. Yes, it was blindingly obvious that the baddest-for-you, most evil criminal mastermind was conspicuously absent, like an unseen Professor Moriarty, plotting his nefarious schemes behind the cover provided by Milk and Cheese.

Yes, I’m talking about Butter. I picture him as a massive slab of golden richness, loaded with cholesterol and addictive creamy decadence. But he’s a crafty one, and shifts his disguise regularly. Interpol has been tracing him through a series of European and American porn films in which his prodigious charms play the starring role…

img_35111 Hartzler_Butter_Salted_and_Unsalted_on_Hay2724360755_7c9826370c_z

Milk and Cheese is written and drawn by Evan Dorkin. With a name like that, I’m amazed that Evan made it through high school alive, but I’m very glad he did.


I’m particularly fond of Evan because he was born in the same year as me. And he’s cute! Don’t look now, Evan, but you’re a Beautiful Man! Source: Wikipedia

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