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The Wine Wankers

A few years ago now (and maybe a few more) when I proposed to my wife I decided that I should source a really good French Champagne and make sure that my wife was thoroughly enjoying it before proposing.  My wife loves bubbles, she can’t get enough of it.  So bubbles and their warming effect was always going to play on my side!

bolinger champagne wine blogs blog nice wine online wine wankersI sourced a bottle of Bollinger La Grande Année 1996.  This Champagne only ever gets released in the best years and the 1996 Champagne vintage is regarded as outstanding and some people believe it to be the best since 1928… Champagne drinkers have the longest memories in the world!

It was actually my wife’s birthday which gave me the perfect cover to wake her up before sunrise on a crisp morning and drive her to the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean south of Bondi Beach in Sydney.

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