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I’ve never heard a man rhapsodize over how sexy a woman’s hands are. Granted, there is that steamy scene in The Age of Innocence when Daniel Day-Lewis unbuttons Michelle Pfeiffer’s glove… according to this blogger, her boyfriend thought the scene was ridiculous. On such anecdotal evidence I rest my case.

Women, however, find men’s hands highly erotic. Yes, gentlemen, I bet you didn’t know that a woman can become aroused just by looking at your hands. It’s partly the aesthetics of beautiful manly hands, and partly the thought of what you can do with them. So take care of your hands. Keep them well-manicured, and you might suddenly find yourself in demand among the ladies, possessed of that mysterious allure that comes from having a magnificent pair.


Bernini’s Hades and Proserpina. Ye Gods!

One of my books features Emily, a character with a hand fetish that is largely the result of her unfulfilled desire to be spanked. But the appeal of the hand goes far beyond any particular sexual taste. The male hand is a beautiful object in and of itself. And what are its ideal proportions? After a less-than-exhaustive (yet highly attentive) search online, I find that women most often praise hands described as relatively large, well-cared for, with fingers long in proportion to the palms, and not too fat or hairy. Good hands may also be described as “sensitive” or “expressive,” which is one reason women find musicians and other artists sexy.


The beautiful hands of Jake Shimabukuro.

Ladies, can you identify the famous owners of these glorious manly appendages? Click on the image to see the source.


A classic. He worked as a carpenter before becoming an actor.

Sean Connery

Really huge hands. Hmmm.


His hands are much-admired, but I have mixed feelings. Maybe if I had a shot of him grasping his wand…


The eyes probably give him away, but check out the long fingers on this hand!


Of course you know who this is. And yes, tobacco products in a manly hand are sexy (and very very bad for you).


Give peace a hand.


Utterly gorgeous hands, and a wicked good face too.


Some of the best hands in the business. Click for a better view, and see also next photo (screen caps by Linnet).


Yes, it’s Ciarán Hinds enjoying alcoholic beverages. And holding his wineglass properly, by the stem!

liam neeson

Very large hands on this man of six foot four, though his fingers are slightly stubby.


I couldn’t resist.


Expressive hands!

Sean Bean

This man has good hands– and a firm hold on his scepter. I was highly gratified to see that the photo credit for this shot goes to a site called “sticktwiddlers.”


And for good measure…

The ultimate collection of male hands online may be this amazing, provocative page on Tumblr. Enjoy.