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Jules Taylor 2012 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($16.99)

This is a winner, with that distinctive burst of Marlborough aromatic grapefruit, plus a very classy and unexpected admixture of minerals that gives it interest. The quality that I found “mineral” is described in Jules’ tasting notes as “an admixture of jalapeño and vine-ripened tomato stalks.” Yes, that fresh tomato leaf smell might be another way to describe it. The Long-Suffering Husband and I both thought this wine was an excellent value for a bottle under $20.

We drank a second bottle a few nights later, and I remember being surprised at the first mouthful and thinking it was sweeter than I remembered. That sensation diminished with the second sip, and left a lingering impression of bright flavor.

I love Jules’ website, from which I extracted this: When Jules talks about Sauvignon Blanc, clouds part and celestial choirs sing. This is the wine Jules loves.