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The best thing about Benedict Cumberbatch is his name. The Latinate Benedict (Blessed) followed by the Anglo-Saxon coombe and bache, denoting “dweller by the stream in the valley.” It’s a rather weighty name, but my overall impression of the man is one of lightfooted agility, both physical and mental.

If you’re expecting any jokes about loafers here, sorry to disappoint. No, it’s all about elegance, grace and masculine beauty. In Sherlock he was like one of those bmx bikers doing backflips off the reassuringly solid Martin Freeman. If he were a food, it might be cotton candy. But when you bite into it, the tiny filaments taste of Tabasco.

It’s hard to imagine better casting for the 24-year old William Pitt, a political genius who became the youngest Prime Minister in England’s history (Amazing Grace, 2006). Cumberbatch was about 29 when he made that film, though he looked quite epicene– see below. His cerebral looks and acting style give him extra savor. Great voice too, excellent for the stage. I didn’t get to see him at the Royal National as Dr. Frankenstein or the Monster (2011). A pity!