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This tomato from our garden appears to be trying to grow teeth. It’s slightly scary. I think I’ll let the Long Suffering Husband eat this one.


I am reminded of a great old song by Mike Farrow, which Dr. Demento used to play. We also heard a live version on “Simply Folk” (WERN in Madison). It went like this (sung to the tune of Guantanamera):

From a normal tomato seed I grew
On a little island off Peru
No one could believe their eyes
When they gazed upon my size

One ton tomato, yes, I’m a one ton tomato
One ton tomater, you’ll never get me through the grater

On the day I was to have wedded
My one true love was diced and shredded
From those days my heartache grew
Matter of fact I did too

[Spoken: Yes, I’m a humble tomato in the supermarket. But my size has brought me such great fame. In my own country, which sank as I grew, El Rojo Grande was my name. So take this hand which I offer in friendship… it belonged to a worker who tried to harvest me. For a 2,000 pound tomato stands before you, and is rolling toward you menacingly…]

One ton tomato, yes I’m a one ton tomato
One ton tomato, what a horrible fate, oh

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